Residential Pest Control


At Star Pest Controls, we offer residential pest control in Lahore all through the year to ensure you and your family stay safe. Creepy crawlies like cockroaches, termites, spiders, flies, and other pests harm the foundations and structures of your property as well as the people living in it. Termites damage precious furniture, as cockroaches do.

Leaving them untreated is never a good idea. It leads to unhygienic conditions in the most important places, like the kitchen and bathrooms, where they breed. Our program for residential pest control in Lahore consists of two regularly scheduled visits annually. During these visits, we inspect your property thoroughly and suggest fumigation to eradicate the problems in specific places.

Star Pest Controls offers effective fumigation services before and after the completion of the construction of residential buildings. This way, you can eliminate pest infestations underground before construction, and then secure the building before tiling and drilling. Cockroach, flies, bedbugs, rat, and termite control for the home in Lahore are the most required services we offer in residences. You can contact us to learn more. Live a secure and safe life without pest infestation.

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